KNGOpunks NFT marketplace

The latest and most original NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. A must have for every Kangaroo lover or any other NFT collector.

Follow the KNGOpunks on their world trip in their very first series.

Staking deposit

180,000 KNGO are time-locked and distributed among all savers. The payout rate is at 0.0296 KNGO per minute, which assures a high APY at all time.

Click here to stake your KNGO tokens.

Fastest burn cycles

800,000 of KNGO total supply of 1,100,000 are locked up in a longterm vault and 5% of it will be burned every 3 months, making it probably the asset, with most depreciating supply in the crypto world.

The remaining end supply will be 300,000 KNGO.

KNGO staking APY: 184%

KNGO contract (Binance Smart Chain)

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